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Bodi-tek Vibration Training Gym

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Whole body vibration training creates a stretch reflex in the body which results in rapid and intense muscle contractions which speeds up the fitness process. The body's reaction to this mechanical stimulation is natural. With multiple vibration speeds and a built-in timer, you can personalise your exercise programme to achieve a toned and stronger body in shorter workout sessions.

As effective as traditional resistance training but faster. As a result, calorie burn is greater for the same exercise done on a vibration plate.

Exercise helps to strengthen and tone muscle groups by stimulating the repeated contraction and relaxation of muscles, in response to an increased load either working against your own body weight or in response to an additional force e.g. lifting weights. By conducting the same exercises on a vibrating plate, the muscles have to work harder to continuously maintain the body’s stability meaning that the effect of any resistance training is intensified and thus the same results can be achieved in a shorter time.

This is borne out by a number of well-controlled clinical studies which have compared the effects of resistance training alone versus resistance training in conjunction with a vibrating plate or no training.

An aid to reducing body fat when combined with a calorie controlled diet.

A comparative 6-month study in 61 overweight or obese adults examined the effects of diet, diet plus a fitness programme or a diet plus vibration plate/resistance training group when compared to a control group. Those adults using the vibration plate lost twice as much fat over six months over those using just fitness and diet alone (Vissers et al 2010).

Improves balance and core strength
The act of performing exercises and standing on the vibration plate requires the core body muscles to work to maintain stability and balance. Over time core strength and balance improves which is a benefit users can take into their everyday life.

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